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Please do not hesitate to send me your feedback. This is one of the key improvement driving forces for making better shoes and providing better customer service. Please use the Contact Us page for feedback.

Here are some examples of feedback I have received:


Sorry this is a bit late, but I just had to send my most heartfelt thanks for the magnificent 15C boots you made for me. Of course, since then, you have also repaired them and added hobnails on the heels - what an absolute treat it was to be able to walk down a slippery grass bank in the rain and not go slamming down on my backside. Worth every penny, and really comfortable!

You are a true genius of the boot, mate.

Thanks hugely

Pete Keen of the Hartleys

Hi Andy

Just wanted to let you know how fab the boots you made for us are. I realise you are probably quite used to your customers raving about your footwear, but add us to the list of "re-enactors with very happy feet" anyway.

We marched MILES at Newark, over cobbles, up and down metalled paths, across park lawns and on pavements and the boots were wonderful - no blisters or anything nasty at all.

Thank you lots and lots and lots...

Hope all goes (went) well at Bourtange.

Bestest regards

Liz Bell, UK


Got the stuff today. (1660s Grenandier leatherwork)

Absolutely brilliant!!!  The buckles are great and the workmanship is the best I have seen at any traders stalls anywhere all my years in this game.

I think I owe you a lot of beer!!

Cheers again

Speak soon.

Chris Chalk, UK

(Shoes) Came in today -- I wore mine at work, wheeeee! They are perfect -0- and wide enough to take the innersoles, just as I requested.

David Luckhardt, USA

Thanks for the shoes, Andy.

They are fabulous. Where can we find you this year? My sister might like to order an extra pair of shoes and some boots.


Vincent Schaefer, The Netherlands.

Hi Andy

I got the repaired boots today, a great job they're like new and the hobnails will certainly give me the grip I need. Hope to see you at Wetherby, thanks again,

Mike Stockley, UK

Dear Andy,

I'm the American who bought the green 17thc latchet shoes from you at the Living History Fayre in Warwick a few weeks ago.

I wore them for the first time this weekend and I just wanted you to know that they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I have very bad feet and am used to discomfort. But your shoes are more comfortable than the softest, most well-padded pair of trainers! It was extraordinary. It was as if they were made especially for my feet and not just a pair off the rack. And I never knew straight lasts could be so accommodating. I just can't say enough how much I liked wearing them. Add to this the absolute beauty of the construction and I think I didn't nearly pay enough for your lovely work. ;) Everyone at the event was asking me where I got my new shoes and I hope to send many customers your way soon. And I will definitely come to you for my 16th and 18th century footwear needs.

Thank you once again.


Kass McGann, Pennsylvania, USA

Hello Andy.

Just a quick line to let you know that my shoes arrived today and that I'm very pleased with them. They fit like a glove (can that be right!).

Many thanks for a job well done.

All the very best,

Vince Tumosas, UK


I received my shoes!

Thanks they fit perfect!!

Thanks for the service and the nice shoes!


Danny Peeters, Belgium

Hey Andy.

The boots are fantastic and I think you might get a few more sales from them as Blews admired them very very much and were impressed so hopefully you'll get a little extra off them.

Thanks very much

Dawn Cass, UK

Boots are now settling into their new home!

They were lighter in colour than I expected but they are so comfortable that I really don't mind.

Almost wish it would snow now so that I can test out the effectiveness of the hobs!

Here's to be able to stand my ground this coming season...

If they behave themselves they might even make it on the trip to Holland.

Kate Clark, UK

Dear Andy,

You are probably on your way to Waterloo by now, but just to let you know the shoes arrived this morning (Friday) and are brilliant - so comfortable - I can't wait to wear them over the weekend. Many thanks for all your help.


Julia Love

33rd foot, UK

New shoes received and fit perfectly.


Margaret Henley, UK

Hi Andy,

shoes just arrived, fit wonderfully!! Will wear them with pride this weekend at Ripple


Donna Spiers, UK

Hi Andy,

Shoes are great, I have them on now and don't know I'm wearing them, they are so comfortable.

Many Thanks

Lizzie Gilks

Timespan, UK

Hi Andy,

Just to let you know I picked up the shoes from the Post Office this morning and they are fab....I'm very impressed,


Carol Kendrick, UK

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