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Payment methods

To buy a pair of shoes you will need:

1) Credit or debit cards.

1) A completed set of measurements.

2) Cheque. Cheques made payable to "Andy Burke"

2) To have chosen the product you want, its colour and any accessories you would like.

3) Electronic bank transfer. Please contact me to do this.

3) A deposit payment (£30 for shoes and £40 for boots).

4) Cash, of course! (UK Pounds and Euros) Posting cash is not recommend.

4) A required delivery date. I will tell you if it is not possible to make the footwear by that date.

5) I no longer accept Paypal due to the charges made by Paypal

5) Your personal details. Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

The balance is due when the footwear is complete. Payment is to be made within 30 days of completion noitification.

Once you have everything on the list post the measurements and deposit to me at the address on the Contact Us page.

I will contact the customer and post the product to the customer once payment is received and cleared.

The measurements must be posted as there are scaling issues when printing e-mailed drawings.

Click here for the Terms and conditions of Sale

Go to the Find Your Shoes Size page for measurement instructions

Contact us via the Contact Us Page

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